Fellowships, Scholarships & Internships

Jarrett Adams2012 Marovitz Scholarship recipient

Loyola University Chicago School of Law

Although my story and goal of becoming an attorney will not in itself reform the justice system or put an end to wrongful convictions, the CBF Marovitz Public Interest Law Scholarship will greatly assist me in obtaining a law degree at Loyola University Chicago School of Law. This degree will better prepare me to adequately and competently represent those who need it most, just as the Wisconsin Innocence Project fought for my life.Jarrett Adams

Jarrett Adams

Catherine Longkumer2014 Anderson Fellowship recipient
Staff Attorney, Legal Aid Society of Metropolitan Family Services

Her strong commitment to ending human trafficking, quiet competence and, most of all, the deep compassion she brings to her representation of trafficking survivors, is truly inspiring.Kendra Reinshagen, Executive Director, Legal Aid Society
Catherine helped launch ATLASST, Legal Aid Society’s anti-trafficking initiative, which provides holistic pro bono legal services to survivors of human trafficking.


Daniel Hochbaum, 2013 Anderson Fellowship recipient
Staff Attorney, Equip for Equality

Daniel established the Learning Disabilities Project at Equip For Equality, which provides direct legal representation, self-advocacy education, and outreach to Chicago’s low-income children with learning disabilities. Daniel’s passion and perseverance is truly inspiring. With the Anderson Fellowship, Daniel will be in a better position to continue providing these important services to children with learning disabilities so they can achieve educational success and realize their dreams.

Daniel Hochbaum

Natalie Maust, 2013 Marovitz Scholarship recipient
Northwestern University School of Law

I feel honored and humbled to receive this award. I am grateful for this generous scholarship, not only for its helpful financial support, but for its symbolic confirmation of my chosen professional path to seek justice on behalf of the most vulnerable yet most resilient in our community.Natalie Maust

Natalie Maust

Sarah O’Connor, 2011 Sun-Times Fellowship recipient
Senior Attorney, AIDS Legal Council of Chicago

All of my educational and professional choices have fulfilled my personal mission to serve the under-represented and I feel fortunate to live my dream every day. However, this dream has come at considerable financial cost to me and my family. I am grateful for the financial assistance that will allow me to continue to do this work.Sarah O'Connor

The CBF thanks Kimball and Karen Anderson for renewing their support of the CBF Anderson Public Interest Law Fellowship program this year. The CBF—along with the legal aid community as a whole—is so grateful to be able to continue providing these life changing fellowships. The Andersons’ commitment and generosity is truly extraordinary.

Thanks to our generous donors, the CBF has created a number of scholarship and fellowship programs designed to help make it possible for committed attorneys to pursue their chosen line of work despite the often overwhelming financial challenges.

Today’s law school graduates have an average of more than $100,000 in law school debt, while the average starting salary at pro bono and legal aid organizations in Chicago is about $49,000. By providing significant scholarship funding and loan forgiveness assistance, the CBF has made it more manageable for over 100 inspiring public interest and legal aid attorneys to continue serving the people in our community who are in most critical need of the protections of the justice system.

Enabling dedicated law students and lawyers to pursue and remain in careers in legal aid is one of the core elements of the CBF’s larger strategy to ensure equal access to justice in our community.